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Youth dressed as Dancing Devils of Naiguatá, Vargas. 04.06.2015. The Dancing Devils of Naiguatá is a celebration that takes place in the coastal town of Naiguatá, Vargas state, in Venezuela. It is the most important festival of the Catholic Church after Easter Sunday, held in Corpus Christi, nine Thursday after Easter. The purpose of the celebration is the worshipping of the Eucharist or Holy Communion. The streets of Naiguatá get filled with devils dressed in colorful garments and masks, who dance to the beat of the “caja” (drums) and bells that hang from their waists. The devils tour the village after a Mass and the payment of vows. The Dancing Devils of Naiguatá differentiate themselves from the remaining 10 registered fraternities in the country, by hand painting their own costumes with crosses, stripes, and circles to drive away evil, and wearing masks of marine and land creatures.